Behind The Scenes

Making a film is a dance onto itself with a dedicated group of talented people committing a lot of time, energy, commitment and vision to the final piece.

Foggy valley morning at the equipment tent. — with Peter Spawn, Cameron Sullivan and Scott Bowen

Camera Guys At Work!

Waiting for the next shot….

David Golden (Director) and Tee Dennard (Thom)

Barbara Deering (Carol Ann) and Walter Dalton (Woody) staying warm between takes.

Kira Sipler (Writer) and Tee Dennard (Thom)

Tee Dennard (Thom) and Lisa Blanton (Makeup Artist) looking fantastic
at the beautiful Autumn Waltz location!

George Watt and Cameron Sullivan on set.

 'George Watt, our DP'
'Cameron Sullivan on set'

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