“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“When I started writing the story, I saw each character clearly. I heard their voices. I saw their faces. But mostly I kept seeing a truck. I said there has to be a truck, as worn and dented from the emotions of all stories and conversations told, yet trustworthy and warm as the characters. And Patsy Cline….the story has to have the soul of a Patsy Cline ballad.”

“Hearing the words…” It felt like these characters were in my head for so long. I could hear them laugh, cry; see the fine details in their faces as they spoke. As a writer, you get used to them tinkering inside your brain. You begin to feel the characters, bond with them but you know at some point you need to let them go.

“Then I went to the reading and met Tee, Walter and Barbara. The voices came alive in such a wonderful way. I was speechless. It was exciting to see these talented actors embody these characters, each one perfectly cast in their role…”

“…It felt unreal to finally see the characters who’d been talking in my head come to life. To see their facial expressions, the exasperated sighs in their voices, their bodies move with laughter, to hear the laughter.….that’s when I lost it.”

Kira Sipler, Writer, Associate Producer


Screening Save the Date! Still Time to Contribute!


We are excited to announce our Screening Date and an opportunity to meet the cast and crew of “The Autumn Waltz.”   If you are not cast or crew and one of your perks on Indiegogo is a screening invitation, this is for you as well!

We are holding “The Autumn Waltz” screening at Seattle Film Institute on October 30th, at 7 pm.

If you have not yet, and wish to, there is still time! For a contribution of $25, you will receive an invitation to this event as our thank you. Or you may choose another and also receive your DVD or include signed poster for the film while we are all there to meet you personally.

Thanks and hope to see you there!

Independent Filmmakers Make Their Mark In Smokey Point

From left, director of photography George Watt, second camera operator Joe Andolina and director David Golden shoot their film “The Autumn Waltz” at a historic Smokey Point barn.

We are proud to be represented in the North County Outlook paper recently. It’s a wonderful article on our story and how the efforts of local community helped make our film happen.

Producer Elena Haas said the film is a “deeply human story” that takes a in-depth look at Alzheimer’s, mental illness and caretakers, something that has touched many people’s lives.

Tony Doupe, another producer of the film, said he thought the film takes on the issue well.  “It touches a sensitive subject, but does so in a very caring way, a very non-judgmental way,” he said.

Director David Golden said the characters help ground the issues as well.  “The appeal of the film is that we take a big issue and look at the repercussions and consequences, and put that in a specific setting,” he said.

Please enjoy this article and share with others and consider contributing to our Indiegogo campaign to help bring this touching story to so many others!

Sneak peek from the artist’s studio.

Something special is happening in regard to The Autumn Waltz.

Not only are there posters, dvds, invitations and credits- Amelia Zaborac, one of our talented makeup artists, is also a fine artist and she is applying that talent to creating a painting that captures the beauty of this film and its location that inspired us all.

This painting is a one of a kind piece that is being offered as one of the perks for contributing to the success of the film.

It is the cream of the crop, one of a kind statement that comes with all the perks before it and an Executive Producer credit.

Here is a sneak peek straight from the artist’s studio!

Amelia Zaborac Makeup Artist
To select which offering works for you-

A Glimpse of the Waltz…

We are reaching new heights today with our trailer featured on the Indiegogo gallery and reaching 200 likes on our Facebook page!   We are also happy to show you a glimpse of one of our actors featured in our trailer: Barbara Deering.

Take a peek at our trailer and join our dance to help us complete our production!

_DSC0429Barbara Deering http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0214376

When I was invited to audition for Autumn Waltz, I was immediately drawn to the script. The simple love that exists between Carol Ann and Woody… the deep well worn friendship between Woody and Thom… the love that both men share for Carol Ann and the way they cherish the memories of their whole lives together as they watch Carol Ann’s become confused and how they try to protect her by allowing her to have her own version of things. It was all very moving for me. The cast and crew for this piece were terrific and I am very happy I got to be part of this heartwarming story.

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IMDB  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4687486/

And then there was mud….

Lend a Hand?

In the course of a collaborative work of art there is hard work and tension- reaching for that illusive goal you see in your head- if all the pieces come together…

And then the tension breakers- Did we mention the mud? – where we all crack a smile and scramble to help our DP up!


Reach out and help us up at http://igg.me/at/TheAutumnWaltzMovie/x/6995356

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Our IndieGoGo Campaign is off and running!

The Autumn Waltz's photo.

Hi Everyone!

We’re very excited to give you the first look at our poster, designed by Todd Tapper. Not only is it beautiful and suitable for framing, you can get a copy autographed by cast and crew with your contribution of $100—along with your invitation to a special screening and a DVD of our film! And check out all the other perks available for helping us finish our film!

And check out all the other perks available for helping us finish our film on our IndieGoGo page and get updates on our Facebook page.

Thanks everyone! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!