A huge THANK YOU again!

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to The Autumn Waltz!  A special THANK YOU to all our funding contributors for helping us attain our goal of sharing our film with the film festival community.  Our combined talent, support and energy earned the film recognition at the following film festivals:

Upcoming Festival  

SANDPOINT FILM FESTIVAL  – November 5, 6 in Sandpoint, ID








SMOKEY MOUNTAIN FILM FESTIVAL, Gatlinburg, TN – VOTED Best Actor, Wally Dalton







Smoky Mountain Film Festival Selects TAW as Official Selection

The Autumn Waltz is an Official Selection for The Smoky Mountain Film Festival which runs May 21-22. http://smokymountainfilmfest.com/

The festival will be housed in the Greystone Lodge which overlooks the river in the resort town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

The Smoky Mountain Film Festival is a multi-genre film festival event founded in 2015 by Breaking Fate Entertainment (Producers of The Chicago Horror Film Festival, The Indie Horror Film Festival, The Laugh or Die Comedy Festival, The Prairie State Film Festival and More!)

Thanks to all of our Indiegogo supporters for helping us make this happen!

May 21st & 22nd 2016!

A huge Thank you!

Our Indiegogo campaign has ended and we send a very grateful THANK YOU to all who have invested in our film.  We were able to reach 104% funding that extended to 45 countries around the world!  Absolutely amazing!

Now the fun begins as we take care of our own and progress to the festivals- stay tuned as events unfold.

Director David Golden shares his thoughts on ‘The Autumn Waltz’

“My favorite stories, the ones I like to see and hear and tell, have always been about the people we might otherwise overlook. The ones who work hard, look after their families, treasure their friends, do their best, live their lives, day after day, year after year—until that moment when their world is suddenly thrown off its’ axis. Ordinary people faced with an extraordinary challenge.”

Read his full story under Director’s Statement on OUR STORY page, watch the trailer or contribute and choose your perk.

The Countdown has started!


It’s coming down to the wire…(can you see the tension in our faces?!)

There’s still time to help contribute to our campaign, receive great perks and receive an invite to our premiere on October 30!

Most of all, you’d be supporting many talented filmmakers get their hard work shared with many others! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-autumn-waltz#/funders

And to all who have contributed, a huge THANK YOU!   With 8 days left to complete the fundraiser, we are now up to 45% funding! That is up 11% in two days, you all are fantastic, thank you!

Individual invites to the upcoming screening are going out shortly. Be watching for yours!  If you want to join us or receive a copy of your own DVD and post, there is time!  http://igg.me/at/TheAutumnWaltzMovie/x/6995356

Please like, follow or share as you are able, every bit helps!  We look forward to seeing you at the premiere!

“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“When I started writing the story, I saw each character clearly. I heard their voices. I saw their faces. But mostly I kept seeing a truck. I said there has to be a truck, as worn and dented from the emotions of all stories and conversations told, yet trustworthy and warm as the characters. And Patsy Cline….the story has to have the soul of a Patsy Cline ballad.”

“Hearing the words…” It felt like these characters were in my head for so long. I could hear them laugh, cry; see the fine details in their faces as they spoke. As a writer, you get used to them tinkering inside your brain. You begin to feel the characters, bond with them but you know at some point you need to let them go.

“Then I went to the reading and met Tee, Walter and Barbara. The voices came alive in such a wonderful way. I was speechless. It was exciting to see these talented actors embody these characters, each one perfectly cast in their role…”

“…It felt unreal to finally see the characters who’d been talking in my head come to life. To see their facial expressions, the exasperated sighs in their voices, their bodies move with laughter, to hear the laughter.….that’s when I lost it.”

Kira Sipler, Writer, Associate Producer