“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“A truck. There has to be a truck.”

“When I started writing the story, I saw each character clearly. I heard their voices. I saw their faces. But mostly I kept seeing a truck. I said there has to be a truck, as worn and dented from the emotions of all stories and conversations told, yet trustworthy and warm as the characters. And Patsy Cline….the story has to have the soul of a Patsy Cline ballad.”

“Hearing the words…” It felt like these characters were in my head for so long. I could hear them laugh, cry; see the fine details in their faces as they spoke. As a writer, you get used to them tinkering inside your brain. You begin to feel the characters, bond with them but you know at some point you need to let them go.

“Then I went to the reading and met Tee, Walter and Barbara. The voices came alive in such a wonderful way. I was speechless. It was exciting to see these talented actors embody these characters, each one perfectly cast in their role…”

“…It felt unreal to finally see the characters who’d been talking in my head come to life. To see their facial expressions, the exasperated sighs in their voices, their bodies move with laughter, to hear the laughter.….that’s when I lost it.”

Kira Sipler, Writer, Associate Producer


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